St. John’s eNews 12.30.2020

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We are pausing in-person worship until the New Mexico coronavirus numbers decrease.

Sharing the Gifts of St. John’s: Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of our congregation, community and world. Giving is a spiritual exercise acknowledging that all we have is a gift from God. Our giving expresses trust in God’s goodness.

Please send your 2021 estimate of giving cards to the church office by January 15. If you didn’t receive a card, please contact Kim in the church office or submit it online.

Social Principles –The Economic Community
Employ whatever God has entrusted you with, in doing good, all possible good, in every possible kind and degree to the household of faith, to all men!  —John Wesley

The Economic Community section of the Social Principles descends directly from the first Social Creed of the Methodist Church in 1908, which primarily focused on economic justice. This section states that, as United Methodists, we believe we are temporary stewards of the wealth we have accumulated and are called to serve God and neighbor in our economic dealings. As such, “we pledge ourselves to the establishment of just, equitable, and sustainable economies that work for all” and are called to promote:
• Responsible Consumerism
• Farming and Agricultural Production
• The Dignity of Work
• Sabbath and Renewal Time
• Corporate Responsibility

As individuals and Christians, what are we to do to promote these pillars of economic justice? 

First, we need to educate ourselves. Everyone has heard of “sweat shops.” But most of us think these only occur in third-world countries. It may be surprising to know that many large corporations existing in the USA have lost suits, and paid large settlements due to poor, unjust, and illegal treatment of their own workers. Some of those corporations include McDonald’s, Walmart, Amazon and Wendy’s. These have been found to have sweat-shop type conditions for employees, and to pay unfair wages. Because they may still be learning English, or may be unaware of their rights, immigrants, both documented and undocumented, are among the most exploited workers in the country (Greenamerica.org). Farm workers are still fighting for receiving the minimum wage for their work. Wendy’s is the only holdout among fast food chains to sign an agreement to try to improve farm worker’s conditions.

Second, we need to work to right the wrongs that may exist in our own neighborhoods. 

We can identify and boycott stores in our neighborhoods that we know are not treating employees fairly. We can research and identify individuals, organizations or agencies that work to promote economic social justice and work to assist them.

We have power to make a difference. Are we willing to try?

— Lane Krahl and Barbara Cooper, St. John’s Social Justice Task Force

Explore more from the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society.


New Mid-Week Contemplative Opportunity begins Wednesday, January 27 at Noon in the Chapel. Space is limited. Masks and Reservations Required. Email kboren@sjumcsantafe.org.

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The Hot Chocolate Social Club for 6th–8th grades meets by Zoom each Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  It’s a fun way to talk about what’s going on and brainstorm ways to serve others. For more information, contact children’s ministries team leader Deanna Bradford (deannambradford25@gmail.com).

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Volunteer with Bag ’n Hand: Volunteers will need to be able to stand for periods of time, lift up to approximately 25 pounds, and to follow food-handling hygiene. Sign up online at www.sjumcsantafe.org/volunteer-at-the-bag-n-hand-food-pantry.  For more information, call the church office at (505) 982-5397 or email info@SJUMCSantaFe.org.