Choosing New Life in Christ

Springtime! Fresh scents are in the air! What a beautiful time of year, when new life and rebirth are everywhere! To live is something created beings take for granted as long as hearts are beating or vital organs are functioning.

Choosing new life in Christ is to follow Jesus who live and died and was raised from death to live forever. Join us during this seven-week series as a sojourner with Jesus’ followers or students on the earliest days of their journey after Jesus’ death by crucifixion, up through the moment Jesus ascended into the heavens until the day of Pentecost. Jesus will be with us on this journey, leading the way through the breath of God’s Spirit, to teach and to guide each of us and together we will be choosing new life in Christ. Make the choice! Take the journey of a lifetime!

Sundays, April 19–May 31. Click HERE to worship online with us!