New Series: Change Ahead

We are surrounded by change. Spiritual leaders over the centuries have described change as the only constant in life. Change affects us in different ways, depending on our perspective. This series will offer the opportunity to think about important changes happening in our lives and how our responses and reactions to these changes affect us personally, as a church, and as a society.

New Wine in Old Wineskins (September 29) will tackle the idea of change in the Protestant church. Different generations have different feelings about what is appropriate or necessary to encounter at church. Does change invalidate what we know and love about our church? Can change be an opening for us to better understand our beliefs, our place, and our calling in the world?

Right and Wrong and Justice in a Global Society (October 6) will be the theme for our celebration of World Communion Sunday. How does our understanding of justice correlate to our place in a global society? How do we as a church react to immigrants or people that do not share the same background that we do?

Scripture in Transition (October 13) will follow the idea that the way in which we interpret scripture, and even what we interpret as scripture, is evolving. How do we address concerns over the timelessness and timeliness of scripture?

The Church’s Treatment of LGBTQ People (October 20) has been a point of disagreement for many years, and the UMC is especially embroiled in turmoil over the place of LGBTQ Christians in religious practice. What place does sex and sexuality have in the church? What does it mean to be an inclusive church? If LGBTQ people are fully included in the life of our church, does that take away from the life of non-LGBTQ people in the church?

The UMC in Transition (October 27) will address the fears and concerns and possible joys to be expected within the United Methodist Church over the next year. Will the United Methodist Church really separate? How will a separation affect our church? Our guest preacher will be Rev. Paul Dirdak.

Please join us for this important, challenging, and timely series!